Promotion agency

Because people transport emotions
and sell emotions!

For more than 29 years, we have been providing personal encounters between your brand and your customers. As a promotion agency, we have numerous communicative brand ambassadors throughout Germany. With a feel for target groups and needs, our promoters and hostesses actively approach people and create positive brand experiences that lead to the desired action.

As a full-service agency, we offer you the complete package, from conception to planning, organization, and implementation of promotional campaigns, right through to success monitoring. As early as the consultation stage, you benefit from our specialist know-how and many years of experience from more than 15,000 campaigns carried out throughout Germany.

We owe our success to our dedicated promoters, who act as brand ambassadors to stage your products, your services, or your company in a sales-promoting way. Thanks to our nationwide network, we are able to provide you with highly trained promotion personnel in the desired quantity and with the desired characteristics and skills at any time. In addition to increasing the brand image, we thus ensure sustainable and measurable sales promotion

Promotion places

Promotion knows no obstacles. Whether indoor or outdoor, in public spaces or at closed events, analog or digital - we will find the ideal way to present your brand, your product, or your company.
Retail Promotion
We proactively approach passers-by in retail stores and attract them to your store or carry out promotions directly in the store.
Event Promotion
Our promoters ensure a far-reaching brand presence at concerts, festivals, and other events, where they actively promote sales.
Fair Promotion
Use the interest and openness of trade fair visitors to draw attention to your products with our trade fair hostesses.
University Promotion
We ensure that you reach a young and well-educated target Group on campus and receive direct feedback from them.
Train station promotion
With targeted promotion in front of or in train stations, bus stops, and subway stations, you achieve maximum response.
Airport Promotion
Use long waiting times of travelers to draw attention to your brand, product, or company.
Parking lot Promotion
Reach people where you are and surprise them with a giveaway.
Street Promotion
With Street promotion, we put your brand on the street, ensure visibility and distribute flyers, advertising materials, and product samples.
Lounge Promotion
Where people like to be and have time, your message can have its full effect.
Shopping Mall promotion
Promotional activities in front of and in shopping centers provide an immediate increase in sales in your stores.
Club Promotion
Innovative promotion in bars, clubs, and discotheques leads to a direct increase in sales of the advertised brands.
Outdoor Promotion
Your target group is outside – we get in touch with them, wherever you want!
Concept based promotion
Promotion is only effective if the measures are based on a concept. Benefit from our expert know-how and our years of experience in the concepts, planning, organization, and implementation of sustainable promo.
Germanwide network
Thanks to our nationwide network, we have promoters all over Germany and can realize both selective and nationwide promo campaigns.
Maximum reliability
For more than 29 years, our customers have appreciated our professionalism and reliability. Each customer receives a permanent contact person. Our project supervisors guarantee compliance with the promotion principles and the success of your staff-assisted campaign.

Our philosophy
& mission

We are your direct line to your customers. Our promoters reach your target group wherever they are. With targeted promotional activities, we increase the visibility and awareness of your brand, actively influence the brand image and demonstrably ensure more sales and turnover.

Promotion types

We offer a filled solution for your demands and select your type of promotion for each of your goals and develop individual concepts, which create effective touchpoints along the customer journey. Get informed of our services!
Sales Promotion
We design and organize targeted promotion campaigns for sustainable sales promotions in retail trade.
Expert Advice
Take advantage of personal contact for professional customer advice from our trained promoters.
Sampling Promotion
Whether give-aways or product samples - our promotional staff will bring your advertising materials to your target group with a smile.
Sweepstakes Promotion
Use the appeal of sweepstakes for lead generation, new customer acquisition, and customer retention.
Point of Sale Promotion
With the Point of sale promotion, we ensure sales promotion directly where your product is sold and purchased by actively addressing customers.
Flyer distribution
Our flyer distributors ensure fast and reliable distribution of your flyers, handbills and brochures directly to passers-by - with no wasted coverage!
With roadshows, we transport your brand message throughout the country - gladly in combination with other promotional activities mentioned here.
Convince with taste! We will gladly organize your tasting event and entice your target group to buy immediately.
Mobile Promotion
Our mobile promoters are always on the track to find the greatest density of target groups. A good concept and planning of tour are the requirements.
Customer loyalty Promotion
Regular customers are the most lucrative customers. With the targeted promotion, we increase customer loyalty and boost your sales potential.
Guerilla Marketing
Small means and big effects, our guerilla marketing concepts provide create an outstanding effect.
Bicycle promotion
The bicycle industry is booming, start your next promotion in an environmentally conscious way with bikes in your CI and use the advantages of the new mobility.
Trade Promotion
Are you looking for new partners for your business? Are you planning your next B2B campaign? Use our know-how as a promotion agency and benefit from our concepts for dealer acquisition with high success rates.

Simple. Fast. Effective.

Success with Face-to-Face

A charming smile, a targeted approach, a nice conversation with detailed advice, and a free sample. The personalized promotion offers a contrast to the ubiquitous sensory overload. The more digital our society becomes, the more important personal contacts are. We add value to your marketing and give your brand a face. Promotion is the lighthouse in the advertising jungle!

Your advantages

The satisfaction of our customers is our most important goal. That is why PRO-VOGUE offers many services that distinguish us from our competitors.
Trained promotion staff
Our promoters receive an individual briefing for each assignment.
24/7 project support
We support your project around the clock with our own team and project manager.
Full Service Promotion
From conception to realization, from outfit to equipment, we offer you the all-round package
Success control
To ensure the effectiveness of our promotion, we always monitor using measurable KPIs.

Only 3 steps to a successful promotion campaign

Inquiry & Consultation
Let us your goals you want to achieve - we will advise you and select the best for you and submit you a non-binding offer.
The success of your promotion depends on the concept. Therefore, we develop an individual promotion concept and briefings for our staff based on your wishes and needs.
Accurately and reliably, we put the personnel-supported concept into practice with precise organization and guarantee you long-lasting success through the use of our employees.

Customers who already benefit from our promotion

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We live and love
promotion that

We at PRO-VOGUE do not only arrange promoters, but we do promotions with heart and brain! Our experts design the right promotion campaign, coordinate tour plannings, select locations, obtain permits and discuss all details. We take you’re the target group into account, illuminate their customer journey, and define the relevant meeting and touchpoints.

We will gladly take care of the selection and production of the required advertising materials, procure equipment, and the campaign outfits. They are elementary to ensure a professional appearance with your corporate identity.

Individual control mechanisms of our promotion agency not only increase the success of your promotion campaign but also provide statistics to make the people-based campaigns in all areas measurable in the long term. These are recorded with the aim of increasing efficiency and included in the reporting.

Promotion staff

Promotion is more than a job. It is only as successful as the people who carry it out. That's why we prefer to work with a solid base of suitable, experienced, and well-trained people who are open and communicative. Of course, we are happy to put together a team according to your criteria!
Attentive, charming and convincing - with the right promotionteam every campaign will be a success!
Walking Act
Our costumed walking acts attract attention even from a distance and are effective advertising eye-catchers that convey your brand message.
Our tasters let actions speak and focus on the taste of your products.
Flyer distributor
Advertising impact instead of trash cans: Our flyer distributors ensure that your flyers, brochures and magazine will be targeted to your new costumers.
Attractive models of all ages and genders present your products or skillfully put your brand in the limelight.
We will gladly arrange experienced moderators for you, who will give your event the necessary professionalism.
Supervisor & Team Leader
You have the staff, we have the competent organizers. Our supervisors and team leaders will support you in the implementation of your promo.
Animators create an incomparable atmosphere, set the right mood and provide sales-promoting interactivity.
Mystery Shopper
Mystery shoppers ensure that your quality standards are met by conducting test purchases and reporting in detail.
Whether for events, promotions or meetings, our interpreters enable communication across language barriers.
Stylists & Makeup Artists
Our stylists and make-up artists make sure that models, presenters, promoters and co. look the way you want them to.
Document your promotion actions and use their advertising effect. We will gladly arrange professional photographers for you.

Questions and answers

Where does PRO-VOGUE offer promotion?
Our promotion agency is located in Frankfurt am Main, but we offer our services throughout Germany. Among them are of course all major cities such as Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Hanover, Leipzig, Nuremberg, Essen, Bremen, Dresden, Mannheim, and Wiesbaden. But also in rural areas our supervisors organize promotions and take care of the professional realization of the planned activities. You determine the location!
Can I also book service personnel at PRO-VOGUE?
Our agency will gladly provide you with service personnel such as parking lot attendants, employees for the packing service, information personnel for shopping centers, event personnel for accreditation, VIP support or security, service personnel for gastronomy and events, but also specialists such as bartenders. If required, we can put together entire project teams for you, which can operate either under our management or yours. Please contact us directly for a personnel booking!
Can hostesses and trade fair personnel also be booked via PRO-VOGUE?
Of course, our agency will provide you hostesses and service staff (e.g. for catering and tasting promotion) for your trade fair appearance. Our promoters will gladly take care of your sampling. We also offer moderators and photographers to document your trade fair activities. We will gladly provide you with the necessary personnel for hours or whole days. Let us put together a trade fair team that fully meets your requirements. Discuss your trade fair calendar with our customer consultants and book your personnel in good time.
What is PoS Promotion?
PoS is the abbreviation for Point of Sale. This refers to the point of sale or purchase, i.e. the place where goods and clients come together, the only possibility in advertisement to meet the client face to face!. PoS promotion takes place directly where the customer shops and can thus lead to an immediate increase in sales. In addition, PoS marketing can be used to achieve long-term brand loyalty. Our promotion agency is specialized among other things in the promotion at the point of sale and offers all competencies which are necessary for it. We are looking forward to your inquiry!
What role does promotion play in marketing?
Promotion is above all active face-to-face communication and thus one of the most effective activities in marketing. People are much more likely to succeed in generating emotions. Positive emotions are the prerequisites for a purchase. Especially in the digital age, promotion is therefore becoming more and more important, also because it represents a contrast to the constant sensory overload on the Internet. Our promotion agency designs appropriate campaigns, takes on all the work involved in the project, and ensures with 100% commitment that your activities really do lead to success. Regardless of whether your promo lasts only a few hours, several days, or even weeks in the context of roadshows.

What is your goal?

As a full-service promotion agency, we provide conceptual, targeted, and comprehensive advice for the right campaign for your product.
Lead Generation
Attract potential prospects for your product or services to specific target groups. Collecting many qualified contacts with a high probability of customer generation? We design the concept tailored for you!
Support Sale
Expert advice, sales, flyer distribution, sampling and so much more are possible to stimulate demand for your product. Ask us and let us surprise you.
Increase awareness
Do you want to be noticed by your target group? With the right image promotion, you can make it into the limelight.

Outfit & Equipment

Do you want uniform promotion outfits with the best match for your corporate identity? As a full-service promotion agency, we offer comprehensive outfit & equipment services for your promotion, trade fair, and event projects. For an appearance that will be positively remembered. With rental and purchase costumes or individually made action outfits or even action equipment, material, make-up, and styling.
Promotion Outfit to buy
We let your brand shine in an individual campaign outfit matching your corporate identity.
Promotion Outfit to rent
Uniform outfit to rent for your promo campaigns, on request with matching shoes and accessories.
Promotion Equipment
We organize the appropriate equipment for your promotion and make sure that everything is on site on time.
Promotion stands
From promotional counters to promotional tents, we organize the most suitable promotion equipment for you.
Make-Up & Styling
We offer professional make up & styling services.
Fair Outfit to buy
We will create branded outfit for you and turn your appearance at the trade fair into an event.
Fair Outfit to rent
Uniform costumes and suits for rent for your booth and much more.

Promotion locations

Whether a nationwide roadshow, sampling at the Baltic Sea, sales promotion in large shopping centers, or distributing flyers on the street corner for the next party, we act nationwide and book local promoters for you.
Promotion Agency Frankfurt
Promotions for the Fashion Week, sampling on the Main or expert advice in Frankfurt's shopping stores. We are your promotion agency directly in Frankfurt am Main
Promotion agency Cologne
Why not promotion for the carnival or the CSD? We organize your promotion campaign on the Rhine, at the cathedral, or at well-known trade fairs like GamesCOM.
Promotion Agency Hamburg
In the vicinity of the Reeperbahn, Elbphilarmonie and Große Freiheit no promotion should be missing - we are the right contact for you!
Promotion agency Munich
Book your successful promotion e.g. in the context of the Oktoberfest, the attractive promoter/inside also in the traditional Bavarian outfits.
Promotion Agency Berlin
Our capital - cultural metropolis of Germany, the pulsating vein of Germany. We plan your promotion at the hotspots.
Promotion Agency Düsseldorf
Carnival, Old Town, the Kö - we are your promotion agency for planning and organizing your promotion in Düsseldorf.
Promotion Agency Stuttgart
Plan your promotion at the Cannstatter Wasen in the heart of the automotive industry or implement it in downtown Stuttgart - ask us anytime.
Promotion Agency Dortmund
True love does not only exist at BVB - implement your promotion in the heart of the Ruhr area with us, your promotion agency.
Promotion Agency Hannover
Hannover, the EXPO city of Germany and capital of Lower Saxony. We have the right promotion campaigns in Hannover.
Promotion Agency Leipzig
Famous for trade and music, we inspire you with the creative promotion in Leipzig.
Promotion Agency Nuremberg
History and modernity in one city. Book your promotion with us.
Promotion Agency Essen
Are you planning your next promotion in the center of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region? We are the right promotion agency for you.
Promotion Agency Bremen
Nordic cool - not in Bremen. We implement your promotion in the home of the Bremen Town Musicians.
Promotion Agency Dresden
Are you looking for a partner for your promotion in the region of Elbflorenz? Please feel free to contact us at any time.
Promotion Agency Mannheim
Implement your promotion in the center of the Rhine-Neckar region, we are your right contact as a promotion agency
Promotion Agency Wiesbaden
On the doorsteps of Frankfurt, the capital of Hessen is wonderfully multifaceted, as is your next promotion.


Lancôme employees were in the spotlight in spring 2018. Together with the agency “zum goldenen Hirschen – zerotwonine”, we put together a 12-person team of attractive male promotion models who not only entertained the guests, but also sweetened the evening with their good looks and charming smiles.