They are versatile, they always have good ideas and they attract people's attention - animators are the stars of a good promotion. Especially if you want to organize a rather extensive promotion and attract people, an animator actually cannot be missing. We will tell you in a conversation what their tasks are.


Attracting attention – that’s probably one of the most important goals of a promotion, and that’s exactly why we’re now just throwing the term animators into the room. Have you ever been in a hotel where the visitors were entertained? Here, the animators are the secret bosses and this also goes for the promotion.

Philosophy &

The right solution for every customer – our philosophy includes the basic idea that every promotion is unique. We do not want to arrive with general solutions. Our success is based on the fact that we have creative ideas and stand for uniqueness. By the way, this is also related to our team, which even includes animators.

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FAQ Animators

Do I need an animator for every promotion?
No, in principle it is not necessary to use an animator in every promotion. But we do encourage you to consider this aspect. In this way, you have the opportunity to draw even more attention to your offer and perhaps even open up new target groups. We would be happy to tell you in a personal conversation how this can work.
What offers animators?
This also depends entirely on your wishes. We look at which offers are suitable for your planned promotion. Among other things, this depends entirely on your products or services. We make sure that the animation is thematically oriented and in this way also appeals to the target audience.
What are the costs?
The costs for an animator are different. Therefore, we can not give exact details here. So the question arises, for how many hours the animation should take place and what performances are planned. We will be happy to discuss this with you personally.
Animateur der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE

PRO-VOGUE – Your agency for animators

We at PRO-VOGUE have been successful for 29 years when it comes to high-quality promotions. In almost three decades, we have earned an excellent reputation and gained extensive experience to boot. These have shown that animators can give a promotion the necessary pizzazz.

Animateure der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE

What are the tasks of our animators?

Our promoters are proactive and therefore address the target group directly on site. But to do this, people first have to be in the vicinity of your promotional offer. This is where the animators come in. They make sure that the eye is drawn to the promotion and are there, among other things, to entertain the younger ones. A real classic is of course animators standing at a wheel of fortune or forming balloons. In these executions, among other things, the aim is to win over the children. If the children are interested in the promotion, they also direct their parents to the area.

Animateure der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE

Because good mood is positive for all sides

Good vibes only – an important part of our concept is to make people feel good. How would you rather keep a promotion in mind? If you had a lot of fun there or if it was simply about distributing information? A combination of each accent is especially important. The animators also play an important role. They are one of the keys to good humor, so to speak.

If the walk-in customers of a promotion are greeted directly with good ideas and the best possible entertainment, they are much more open to further discussions about products or services. We have had very good experience with the use of promoters.