Promoters are the heart of every promotion campaign. They establish contact with the target group, inspire them with great products and, at best, ensure that sales increase. But not everyone is made to be a promoter. Knowledge of human nature, an incomparable appearance and communication talent are only a few of the qualities that a good promoter must have.

Our promoters – unique and professional

We do not work with just any promoters. When selecting our employees and partners, we place a particularly high value on professionalism. If you want to book a promoter, we offer you the right contact persons in the different cities. It is crucial that the promoters identify with your product and brand so that it is presented in the best possible way. Not every promoter is used for all products and industries, so we take a close look.

Together with you we work out an individual concept to make your product, service clothing or brand better known. This is a particularly efficient way to significantly increase sales. No wonder, because the promotion takes place on request either directly on site or online.


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Philosophy &

We have been on the market for more than 29 years and have successfully implemented both small and large concept ideas with our promotion staff. Our promoters have also been working in the industry for some time and know exactly how important contact with the target group is. Thanks to precise presentation of goods, we always succeed in making products and brands as well as services better known and thus also increase sales for a company.

FAQ Promoter

What is a promoter?
Promoters are people who actively increase the sales of a company by raising awareness of products, services, brands or the company itself. There are different promotion possibilities, such as the distribution of products and flyers.
What does a promoter do?
The main task of a promoter is to increase the turnover as well as the image of a company. We at PRO-VOGUE develop different concepts for this, which are carried out together with our promoters. This starts with the distribution of free samples via discount codes or the organization of special events, such as raffles. The promoter always works face-to-face with the potential customer and is also available for questions.
What qualities does a promoter need?
The job as a promoter stands for closeness to people, freedom and a versatile and varied field of activity, where it is guaranteed not to be boring. Promoters should be open-minded towards other people and working independently is also part of the job. Furthermore, it is important that promoters can conduct conversations with interested parties in a targeted manner, but never too pushy. In addition, promoters must also have a good grasp and a lot of self-confidence as well as be articulate and strong communicators.
How to become a promoter?
Anyone interested in a job as a promoter can apply for the first jobs on the Internet. Those who have first been able to gain a little experience through individual small jobs can now sign up with agencies, such as us at Pro-Vogue, and have themselves booked for individual promotion jobs.
attraktive Promoter der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Agentur

PRO-VOGUE – Your contact for professional promoters

If you want to book a promoter and are looking for the right contact person, you are exactly right with us at PRO-VOGUE. Through the cooperation with promoters throughout Germany, we can help you for the upcoming promotion of products, brands, services or companies guaranteed and are also happy to advise you in many other areas.

attraktive Promoter der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Agentur attraktive Promoter der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Agentur

The task of promoters

Promoters have a very special feeling for people. Through face-to-face communication, they are directly opposite the potential customer. At the same time, this means that not only is the product presented in the perfect light and presented professionally. Also with possible questions prospective customers get directly the possibility of asking these.

Our promoters are very versatile and love the variety that the job brings. So among other things4 the distribution of different items such as:

  • Flyer
  • Brochures
  • Give-aways
  • Samples
  • Handouts
  • Discount cards
  • Vouchers

Furthermore, tastings are also organized by promoters, which can be held in stores, for example, in order to make new products from this area better known and to sell them better. But also the organization of exciting competitions as well as photo campaigns are on the promoters’ schedule and are carried out professionally and customer-oriented.

In addition, our promoters can also sell online, so we like to use them in the area of live shopping.

PRO-VOGUE promoters are therefore talented in art, acting as well as sports and acrobatics and make it possible to increase your sales and bring your product to the customer.