For many years, we have been working with trained and experienced photographers and have concentrated primarily on promotions. Whether it's photographing new products or a new brand, promotional activities at the POS or photographing a company's own events, we find the right photographer for every requirement, nationwide.

Book photographers for your event

Whether for product photography, to capture special moments of an event or for other areas of application, the range of tasks of photographers is particularly versatile and exciting. However, the right handling and knowledge of photography is all the more important. To ensure that photos ultimately capture exactly the emotions and characteristics you desire, we at PRO-VOGUE will help you find the right photographer.

product photography -
arousing the enthusiasm
of customers

Product photography is often underestimated. Putting the various products from different areas in the right light, capturing the positive aspects and thus awakening the customer’s desire to buy, all this is something a photographer must master blindly. If you want to launch a new product on the market, our professional photographers will help you to stage it perfectly on photos and canvases and thus ultimately increase sales. The photographers in our portfolio already have years of experience in the field of product photography for e-commerce and the like.

Your way to a successful booking

Submit a photographer enquiry for your project today and we will contact you personally to clarify all the important details.
Individual concepts are our passion. Your goals and wishes are integrated in the process.
Together with our experienced photographers we put the created concept into practice and achieve your goals together.

Clients who already benefit from our photographers

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FAQ Book photographers

What does a professional photographer cost?
The costs for a photographer are very different. It is not only the period of time for which you want to book the photographer that plays an important role. It also depends on how many photos are to be taken, how extensive the assignment is and which tasks are to be taken on in addition to the photography. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.
Are photos developed?
How the photos are finally transmitted always depends on the customer. While some customers would like to receive the photos exclusively in digital form, others would like the photos to be touchable, so that they are developed in advance.
What qualities does a photographer need to have?
The photographers we work with at PRO-VOGUE are not only very experienced in their special fields, but are also strong communicators and creative. This results in particularly professional pictures that inspire the customers from the very beginning.
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PRO-VOGUE – Your contact for professional photography?

You would like to book a photographer and are looking for a reliable contact? We at PRO-VOGUE are happy to take you by the hand and are always at your side from the consultation to the planning to the successful and goal-oriented implementation.

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Promotion photographer

The promotion photographer is often used to take photos in a company. For example, when special events take place in the shops, food is offered or photos are to be taken for the company’s own website. Photographers usually work in secret so as not to disturb customers but to highlight special moments. The photos of individual promotions can ultimately be used excellently to make a positive and customer-oriented advertisement.

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Advantages of experienced photographers

Time and again, companies consider whether they should not take the photos of the products themselves or commission staff to take the photos at events. However, experienced and professional photographers offer many other advantages besides experience.

For example, professional photographers also bring high-quality equipment with them, which means that the photos are ultimately of better quality. Thanks to years of experience, it is also not uncommon that the ideas are much more creative than those of amateurs. No wonder, because the photographers have already supported numerous projects of our customers.

  • High-quality equipment already available
  • Creative ideas
  • Finished photos are of much higher quality than those taken by a layman
  • Versatile in use
  • All photos go through a colour check
  • Quick completion
  • Nationwide photographers
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PRO-VOGUE – individual, contemporary and effective

When it comes to booking photographers, we leave nothing to chance. More than 29 years of experience have shown that every project has to be planned individually. For this reason, we draw up a fixed schedule together with you, create a well thought-out concept and brief the photographers down to the smallest detail. The result is something to be proud of.