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PRO-VOGUE develops and realizes classical and innovative promotion concepts within Germany and across Europe. We are your first address in conceptional promotion design which we delivered in overt 15.000 projects during the last 25 years. We listen and develop a tailored concept on the basis of your individual needs, select your team and design your outfit and equipment and make sure that your delivery is right on time. Your requirements will be fulfilled and lead to your estimated results, that your brand becomes alive.

Promotion to get new Leads and Clients
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Strategy Development

We live your brand. Your needs are transformed into successful concepts which result in either new leads or in an optimization of your brand image.


We constantly improve to meet your targets. The ideal personnel for promotions, trade fair and events can be selected according to individual requirement profiles.


Your outfits should correspond to your company CI/CD? No…. This is our challenge. Alternatively we can support you on fairs and conventions with our standardized outfits, shoes and accessories as well.


We provide you with nationwide shipping and storage. Out team delivers the outfits and equipment to the place of action right in time.
~ 100 % Customer Satisfaction

We enquire the overall satisfaction of our customers after every promotion job. The outcome is convincing.

24/7 Project Assistance

We provide you with our 24/7 project assistance when your promotion is in progress. On the weekend or during night times, we are always for you on duty.

Know-How Through 15.000 Projects

We have accomplished more than 15.00 promotion projects in the last 25 years and were able to turn our know-how into reality.

"Ich möchte Ihnen mein Kompliment für Ihre beiden reizenden Promotorinnen aussprechen. Jana und Valentina sind wirklich sehr sympathisch, hilfsbereit, patent und angenehme Persönlichkeiten. Es hat viel Freude gemacht, mit den beiden zu arbeiten. Sie haben die Situationen schnell erfasst, selbständig gearbeitet und ohne langes Fragen mit angepackt, wo es nötig war. Ich würde jederzeit wieder mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten und bin froh, das Projekt am nächsten Samstag bei Jana und Valentina in guten Händen zu wissen."

Kristin Schellersheim Marketing Coordinator, Value Retail Management (Ingolstadt Village) GmbH

"Ich darf Ihnen sagen: bessere Unterstützung kann man sich kaum vorstellen. Beide Damen sind sympathisch, aufgeschlossen, kommunikativ, wortgewandt und im perfektesten Sinne: dienstleistungsorientiert. Meine Vorgesetzten waren ebenso angetan, wie der Rest der internen Kollegen. Sie haben immens für einen guten und reibungslosen Messeablauf an beiden Tagen beigetragen! Sobald erneut eine Messe ins Haus steht, werde ich definitiv beide Damen bei Ihnen anfragen."

Anja Schwarz Referentin Vertriebsunterstützung,Helvetia Leben Maklerservice GmbH

"Thank you very much for all of your help with the UBS event. I would just like to thank all of your ladies, they did a fabulous job. In particular Leota was a great team leader and she managed the team really well onsite. Leota and Gabriella stayed later than they had planned to which was much appreciated! Look forward to working with you again soon."

Nicki Hale Event Project Manager, Destin8 Limited


Nina Gurk

Managing Director
PRO-VOGUE Marketing GmbH

Our philosophy? We are PRO-VOGUE!

Promotion Agency From the Bottom of our Hearts.

Since 25 years!

PRO-VOGUE literally means to be ahead of the trend. We are thoughtleader and visionairs, always searching for the new promotion mechanics which work in today’s environment. We know that a product sells its best through a holistic and positive brand experience. It is our goal to create these brand experiences with our customers and enable them to reach and top their planned sales goals.

Promotion to create new Leads and Clients
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Promotion Frankfurt

PRO-VOGUE is a promotion agency located in Frankfurt Germany and we are able to support you with qualified staff nationwide, which we know in person. PRO-VOGUE has a huge network of companies and subcontractors. If you plan a promotion at your point of sale, a sampling promotion downtown or a sales promotion. PRO-VOGUE as a full service agency develops and realizes classical or new & innovative promotion concepts.

Promotion Staff

As a promotion agency PRO-VOGUE develops new and realizes existing promotion concepts and provides the staff, equipment, outfits and logistics for you. We are the experts in the field and take care of you and your promotion 24/7. The individual staff selection is the core of our business and the direct way to the success of your promotion especially if we talk about sales promotion and lead generation.

Hostess Agency

PRO-VOGUE delivers the best possible service as a hostess agency. You would like to book a hostess? We will find the best match for you. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a convention, an exhibition or an event. We will select the best staff for every possible occasion, directly from Frankfurt or as one of our staff pool containing more than 10.000 members nationwide. Our excitable and well trained hostesses enrich every exhibition. As a reliable hostess agency we offer you always stand-by staff free of charge, to compensate staff shortfalls.