It is often assumed that with a promotion at the trade fair or even in a shopping center you will mainly reach the target group of German customers. However, Germany has become an international country and your products can be noticed by people who do not speak German. In this case an interpreter is optimal. He can translate the relevant information and answer initial questions.


If you are planning a promotion – how often have you thought about whether you need an interpreter? We know from talking to our customers that this topic often doesn’t even come up. But an interpreter can make a promotion even more successful.

Philosophy &

At PRO-VOUGE, our philosophy is to find the right solution for every customer. This also includes thinking around corners. That means we take up topics for a promotion that many people don’t even think about. In every concept, we look at how we can implement the optimal promotion for you. This also includes checking whether it makes sense to have an interpreter on the team.

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FAQ Interpreters

What should a good interpreter bring to the table?
A good interpreter for a promotion is also a good promoter. In fact, when selecting interpreters, we put a lot of emphasis on the fact that they have already gained experience as promoters. In fact, many of our interpreters are still working as promoters themselves. This is an ideal combination. After all, our interpreters should also fulfill the task of addressing prospective customers in a friendly manner, getting them interested in a topic and awakening their needs. Therefore, good interpreters are optimally trained, adept at translation, friendly and proactive.
When do I not need an interpreter?
If you know that your promotion has an exclusively German target group, then it is not absolutely necessary to employ an interpreter. This is the case, for example, with a classic shopping promotion. Are you opening a booth in a shopping mall and want to promote a service here regionally? The probability that many international conversations will arise is very low. In an initial conversation we will also tell you honestly and openly whether we recommend an interpreter for your needs.
What is the cost of an interpreter?
We really can't answer this question so simply. An interpreter is a very well-trained employee who is of course paid accordingly. In order to calculate the costs, we need to know how many interpreters you require, how long they are to be deployed and where the area of operation is. For this reason we prepare an individual offer for you, in which the costs are then also broken down.
What languages do the interpreters speak?
You already know exactly which language your target group mainly speaks and are now unsure whether we have the right interpreter for you? A good interpreter knows the language and can translate optimally. He or she is constantly undergoing further training. There are also interpreters who are not only available for one language, but for several. We employ several people who have these skills. Which languages our interpreters speak varies greatly. Therefore, we would like to show you the possibilities in a personal conversation.
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PRO-VOGUE – Your interpreting agency

PRO-VOGUE stands for successful promotions. Our experience goes back almost 30 years, because that’s when we started. About 15,000 excellently implemented projects of various customers show that we know exactly what we are doing. We are known for the fact that our concepts are individually tailored and that extraordinary ideas can be found in them. For us, a promotion is a chance for you to put your offers in the spotlight. One of the ways we do this is by providing interpreters.

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An interpreter in the promoter team – an overview of the advantages

Why should you think about including an interpreter in the team of promoters? Our promoters form a network throughout Germany and are not only composed of promoters and supervisors. Interpreters are also part of it. Often they are promoters who have been trained as interpreters. If you decide to equip your promotion with an interpreter as well, you will benefit from many advantages.

For example, you can act quickly and flexibly when interested parties show up who speak a different language. Many of our promoters do not only speak one language. Especially with regard to English, we are well positioned. However, an interpreter is much better versed in the language here. He or she can also provide detailed information about the products or services in another language.

Promoterin der Agentur PRO-VOGUE

When is an interpreter actually useful for a PhD?

Of course, it is not necessary to employ an interpreter for every promotion. Therefore, we would like to briefly address the question of when it is worth thinking about it. Here, of course, we would like to refer to trade fairs. Many trade fairs have an international audience. Here visitors come from different parts of the world and often it is possible to plan well in advance which nationalities are particularly widespread.

A promotion is first and foremost about attracting people’s attention. However, a good promotion also lives from the fact that the promoters get into conversation with the people. In some cases, this even leads to sales talks. The promoters are seen as contact persons and people expect to get answers to questions about the products or the service. This is where the interpreter comes in. He or she can translate details and thus answer questions. This has already ensured in many projects that we have been able to generate excellent leads, which have even become regular custom.

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Professional briefings as an important basis

Our promoters are considered excellent and this has several reasons. We place a lot of emphasis on each promoter gaining professional knowledge for your product or service prior to a project. We know that it is important to be able to answer questions directly. In our eyes, it is necessary that our promoters can fully concentrate on the concept at hand. In order to have fun at work and also to be able to serve people professionally, knowledge must not be missing.

This also applies to our interpreters. Their basic task is, of course, to translate the questions of the interested parties and the answers of the promoters. But it is equally important that they understand what they are saying. That’s why we take the time to brief them.

Of course, it is always helpful if we receive the appropriate information materials from you. This enables us to provide our promoters and interpreters with even better information. We then give them advice on the special aspects for your products and your services. Especially these USPs are absolutely necessary for a promotion. The target group is addressed in a friendly manner by our promoters. Here it is good to act directly with some interesting aspects. That means, we want to be able to tell the possible new customers, why just your products are worth to invest here and to take the time to get even more info.

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Why planning is absolutely necessary

At the moment, you may still be assuming that you can plan and implement a promotion quite well yourself. Of course, this is possible in principle. But at this point we like to ask: What do you think makes a good promoter and why is it sometimes useful to use an interpreter? These questions often show that inexperienced companies often do not consider all areas. Nevertheless, a promotion can be a success. However, our experience shows that the probabilities are decreasing.

Good and sound planning is the most important basis for success. If you choose us as your agency, you will receive professional support from the very beginning. We talk with you about your wishes and ideas. We check which form of promotion is optimal and if you need an interpreter. We have the knowledge and also the equipment and the network. By the way, it does not matter where in Germany the promotion is to be carried out. Thanks to our network we work all over Germany.