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Thule Group is a manufacturer of transport systems founded in Sweden in 1942.
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For our client Thule, PRO-VOGUE developed a promotional concept to maximize the end-of-year business despite corona measures, in compliance with all safety and hygiene regulations.

How can you imagine this?

Our trained and carefully selected promoters created a relaxed and inviting atmosphere at the Thule booth to present the extensive product range at KaDeWe. We made it our business to stage the brand, explained the advantages of the various products, demonstrated them and actively ensured many conversations. Especially important was the selection of the right promoters, who should have previous experience and references with comparable brand sizes – only the identification with the brand lets the brand and its products appear in a special light and inspires new customers.

The promotion was a complete success!

Ladenfläche Thule als Symbol stationären Handel

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