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Since 1895, the family business FALKE has stood for fashionable clothing made of high-quality materials, processed with perfect craftsmanship and attention to detail.

POS promotion
Product presentations / advice
Sales promotion (with and without commission)
Sampling promotion (flyers, give-aways, product samples, etc.)
Shop opening
Fashion / accessories
Retail Wholesale
Trade (general)
KaDeWe Group

For our long-standing client FALKE, PRO-VOGUE developed a promotion concept to boost the end-of-year business to the maximum despite corona measures, in compliance with all safety and hygiene regulations.

How can you imagine this?

Our trained and carefully selected promoters, created a relaxed and inviting atmosphere at the Falke booth. Especially the outstanding value and novelties of the products were to be ensured by a trained and perfectly coordinated selection of the staff.

Digitalization has not only been with us since this year: we have long been able to hold classroom training sessions alternatively via digital media. The wording used to address customers plays a decisive role here, so that customers quickly recognize the advantages of the products. Purchase decisions are made much faster this way.

In the case of the promoters, previous experience and references with comparable brand sizes are particularly important – only identification with the brand allows the brand and its products to appear in a special light and inspires new customers.

The promotion was a complete success despite Corona restrictions!

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