Droemer Knaur

> 6
years of cooperation
> 18
fairs and promotions
walking act promotions
> 50
man days

The publishing group Droemer Knaur GmbH & Co. KG is one of Germany’s leading publishing groups, headquartered in Munich.

Image promotion
Railway station promotion
Sampling promotion (flyers, give-aways, product samples, etc.)
Street promotion
Trade fair / congress / conference (stand support, information distribution, beverage service)
Walking acts (costume promotion)
Media (television / publishers / radio)

Our regular customer Droemer Knaur always develops great new ideas with PRO-VOGUE to present a new book. Be it a “bacterium” that goes among the crowd to promote the new book Keim Daheim or promoters dressed as flight attendants at the book fair handing out refreshing drinks to the visitors or getting the better of the situation with our promoters at Sebastian Fitzek’s autograph session at the book fair.

It’s always exciting how imaginative a book promotion can be.

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