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A promotion is one of the best ways to reach and connect with people face-to-face. It requires good preparation and as much experience as possible. Thus, you are prepared for all eventualities. Therefore, an experienced promotion agency in Hanover that knows its stuff is a good investment.

Promotion agentur Hanover

Hannover in the heart of Germany and more than just a major trade fair location. Use the attraction of the Hanover trade fair for your promotion. As a promotion agency in Hannover, we support you with well-trained promoters directly on site. Please contact us at any time for a non-binding offer.

Philosophy &

Of course it is important to know why you should choose PRO-VOGUE as your promotion agency in Hanover. It is important to us that the overall concept of your promotion is fundamental to success, we look at all sides. Our philosophy considers everything. We want the promotion to be successful for you and your potential customers.

Your advatages

24/7 Project-
We are your contact - you benefit from our 24/7 project management support.
~ 100 % satisfied customers
Around 15,000 projects and always satisfied customers show that we understand promotion.
Know-How from 15.000 projects
Thanks to our experience, you will receive the concept that is right for you.

Only 3 steps to a successful promotion booking in Hanover

Feel free to contact us - you can make your enquiries easily and quickly online.
The most important basis is the concept. We create this together with you.
Implementation leads to success - we are at your side right from the start.

29 years of promotion = 29 years of satisfied customers

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FAQ Promotion agentur Hanover

Do I even need a promotion?
Of course, the question is whether you really need a doctorate. We can't answer that for you. But what we can tell you is that we have successfully implemented more than 15,000 projects and our clients always benefit. We make sure that your company gets a significantly higher visibility. Increases in turnover are also possible.
What costs should I expect?
As a promotion agency in Hanover, we put together an individual concept for each client. Therefore, we cannot tell you what costs you will incur. You will receive an offer from us in which the costs are.
How can I find the best promotion agency in Hannover?
Of course, you want to use the best promotion agency in Hanover for your planning. Then you've come to the right place with PRO-VOGUE. With 29 years of experience, we have already implemented numerous promotions and know exactly what matters when it comes to planning. We focus on your wishes.

PRO-VOGUE – Your promotion agency in Hanover

When it comes to promotion, you can’t find a better agency on the market. Our promotions are exceptional. They stay in your mind and ensure that your company’s name becomes better known.

Promotion der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Sportscheck

The advantages of a promotion agency in Hanover

How do you decide on a promotion agency in Hanover? To help you make your decision, consider the advantages you are likely to have in this case. Put the planning and execution in the hands of experts. As a promotion agency in Hannover, we can put a wide range of skills to work for you.

Not only do we have the experience, we also bring you a team and promoters who stand behind you and identify with you and your product 110%. A good promotion does not only reach people for a short time, but fits to your company and arouses sustainable interest.

Handelspromotion der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für FALKE

Your team from the promotion agency Hanover

At PRO-VOGUE you will find staff and promoters with experience and passion for their work. Our promoters live for your products, they are optimally trained and briefed for their assignments.  They actively approach the consumers and in their friendly, communicative way they introduce your brand to your future customers.

As a promotion agency in Hanover, it is our goal to create excellent prospects for the acquisition of new customers.