Birkenstock Cosmetics

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man days
> 12
trained promoters

BIRKENSTOCK NATURAL SKIN CARE stands for certified natural cosmetics.
Image promotion
POS promotion
Product presentations / advice
Sales promotion (with and without commission)
Sampling promotion (flyers, give-aways, product samples, etc.)
Retail Wholesale
Trade (general)

Naturally beautiful!

True to this motto, PRO-VOGUE designed a top-class POS promotion for our customer Birkenstock COSMETICS. Spread over various locations throughout Germany, interested parties were given the opportunity to experience the outstanding effects of natural cosmetics on their own bodies.

The various promotions stretched over a total period of 4 months and were coordinated and supervised by a personal contact at PRO-VOGUE. At each location, a trained and experienced promoter formed the focus of the promotion and was available for extensive product tests and an open exchange of information.

Kundenbindung Promotion der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Birkenstock

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