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You want to go shopping no matter where you are, no matter what time? Whether it's 12 noon in China, 5 a.m. in Germany or midnight in New York!

Live Shopping with PRO-VOGUE

Shopping has long since ceased to be limited to local purchases in stores. There are always new trends and opportunities. If you want to stay up to date, bring your own brand to the forefront or establish yourself on the market, you should take a closer look at the area of “live shopping”.

The live shopping trend has long since arrived in China and has been firmly established there for some time. Slowly but surely, however, live shopping is catching on with the rest of the world. Especially due to the Corona crisis, many brands have recently discovered the advantages of live shopping for themselves and recognized the potential behind this type of marketing.

If you also want to market, present and sell your products via Live Shopping, then we are the right contact for you. Together with numerous influencers, we present your products professionally to the respective target group and ensure a significant increase in sales.

The live shopping in the show

Live shopping enables influencers to sell individual products directly during a live broadcast. The principle is similar to the classic shopping channel on TV, but it is much more interactive and, of course, digital.

Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and others are used. Products can also be marketed via video chat, such as Zoom or Meet.

Philosophy &

Always on the lookout for modern ideas, we have made it our business to positively highlight your products.

Thereby we create an individual concept for every product, every brand and every service. We work closely with you the entire time, go through your wishes and requirements together and show you the individual possibilities of live shopping.

Your advantages

Trained and camera-savvy promoters or influencers explain the individual products, present them in detail and answer questions from interested parties, who can still buy the products during the live session. At PRO-VOGUE, we like to rely on so-called micro-influencers to present the various products. In the past, we have found that the target group usually wants to identify with the promoters.
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We can proudly say that about 100% of our customers are satisfied with us.
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Only 3 steps to successful live shopping

With live shopping, we rely on a 24-hour presentation, seven days a week. This way we can really pick up the whole target group and ensure maximum comfort for the viewers. At the same time, we swear by competent and personal advice from trained promoters who can also present your products before the launch.
Do you feel like live shopping 24/7? Then send a request directly.
Together with you and with regard to your goals, we create a suitable concept for your livestream
Your commitment is our starting signal - we start directly with the implementation for your "Live Shopping" channel

FAQ Live Shopping

Is live shopping worth it?
Products can be presented excellently through live shopping. The trained promoters achieve a conversion rate of up to 30 percent.
In which areas is Live Shopping offered?
Live shopping is suitable for all industries. Whether cosmetics, accessories or fashion, the products are always presented according to the target group. Especially products that are difficult to explain are gladly presented and demonstrated in Live Shopping. However, services such as insurance are also very well received, along with major purchases such as cars and the like.
How much does Live Shopping cost?
We are aware that the budget for marketing and advertising is very limited in many companies. The Live Shopping belongs thereby to the comparatively favorable advertising measures for products and brings at the same time a very high effect du increase in sales with. If you are interested, just contact us so that we can discuss everything together.
Promoterinnen der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Birkenstock

PRO-VOGUE – Your agency for live shopping

We have now been on the market for more than 28 years and have implemented well over 15,000 projects for our valued customers in the past. We help you to successfully offer your products and services online via Live Shopping and ensure significant sales increases through individual campaigns.

Do you have any questions about our services or would you like an individual consultation? We look forward to hearing from you and are always ready to help.

Promoterin und Promoter der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Polo Ralph Lauren

This is why Live Shopping works so well

Since the lockdown, people place even more value on small positive experiences. Everyone has had to do without shopping for clothes, accessories and the like for many months, and thus also without the positive feelings that arise as a result. Prospective customers are presented with the individual products directly by influencers during live shopping.

The target group is addressed directly by influencers and promoters. We work with people who are approachable and could also belong to the target group. We rely on emotions and on a target group that identifies with the influencers, which inspires trust and thus also increases the willingness to buy.

Advantages of live shopping

Live shopping now offers a real alternative to real shopping at the point of sale. Especially in times of lockdown, products can be presented independently and purchased live around the clock from the comfort of your own sofa.

There are very different possibilities or channels to present the goods. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms, the influencers often already have a high reach and thus reach numerous people.

In addition, products are presented in detail. Influencers not only tell about the ingredients or materials, but also show them directly in their application.