Facebook has more than 2.7 million active users every month, which is more than eight times the population of the United States and means that something like 35% of the world's population uses Facebook. And the numbers are still rising today. Reason enough to put the numbers to work for you. With professional Facebook marketing, you can reach a huge target group and permanently increase sales.

Facebook marketing with PRO-VOGUE

Facebook is not new and yet it is still particularly important today. Companies, regardless of whether they are in the B2B or B2C sector, benefit enormously from a professional Facebook presence and underestimating it would be a fatal mistake. We at PRO-VOGUE are particularly knowledgeable about Facebook marketing and can help you to become more successful with a healthy marketing mix and generate many customers.

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We are of course aware of the enormous possibilities behind Facebook and we know how to use this opportunity for our clients. We can look back on many years of experience and numerous successful projects. Together we create the perfect Facebook presence and help you to gain a foothold in this special world right from the start.

Only 3 steps to successful Facebook marketing

If you would like to develop the perfect Facebook marketing strategy with our help, please submit an enquiry via our website today.
We create an individual concept for the perfect Facebook marketing strategy. Of course, taking your wishes and goals into account.
You like what we have designed? Then you can get started. Of course, we also take care of the professional implementation of the concept.

FAQ Facebook marketing

Why Facebook as marketing?
For companies, it is first and foremost about using Facebook to build up a large reach and thus increase their customer base. Furthermore, a presence on the internet is particularly important for companies. Every day, 2.7 billion users are active here, and the average time spent on Facebook per day is 58 minutes.
What is important on Facebook?
Interesting and entertaining content for the desired target group is important. A mere stringing together of advertising messages and products will not lead to the desired success in the long run. We help you create exciting and social media marketing relevant content and distribute it.
What does Facebook marketing cost?
The costs for Facebook marketing are very different and above all depend on the extent to which you need our help. In addition, costs can also arise from Facebook advertising. But don't worry, send us an enquiry today and after the first conversation we can already provide you with an individual offer.
Facebook Marketing

More success on Facebook thanks to PRO-VOGUE

Many users and almost unlimited possibilities. We at PRO-VOGUE help you to create the perfect Facebook marketing for you and to take off together on this important social media platform.