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Promotion during and after the Corona pandemic

Social distance is especially for companies a big challenge who want to implement marketing campaigns that require a personal contact to people, especially for promotion campaigns. Marketing strategies which are not online based are for good reasons “on hold” at the moment. Important  great goods, which have been extensively designed and are to be newly introduced to the market, are stocked in warehouses and cost a fortune. The targeted turnover that could be achieved with these kind of goods will not be realised. Therefore it is important for us to strategically plan for our customers at an early stage how promotion campaigns during and after Corona can be re-launched successfully.


“Save” Promotion is possible

Promotion will be now and in future one of the most efficient ways to get in touch with your target group face to face in order to gain new clients. But “how” should we proceed… . After all, it is about t health of our fellow human beings, especially the old and sick. To support them, with all business sense, is always our goal. In addition, we do not want to endanger anyone, be they promoters or customers in shops. At the same time, we will fully support our own business interests and those of our customers health wise.

For this reason, we are constantly dealing with the current danger situation and monitor the information provided by Robert Koch Institute. This important issue is directly the responsibility of the management.


Precautions have been taken

For all incoming enquiries and orders, we check when these can be implemented perfectly and smoothly in accordance with the legal situation. For us, the “when” is the question, not the “whether”. We give all our knowdlegde to our customers in this respect and have a transparent exchange with them and all our business partners on this important topic.


Respiratory protection masks and disinfectants available

Respiratory masks and disinfectants are available in sufficient quantities. Distribution is guaranteed throughout Germany. These will be used for our customers especially where promoters are in personal contact with people. For the theoretical case of an infection of one of the colleagues, precautions have already been taken for the procedure.

Plan now for when contact bans are lifted.
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Outdoor Promotion

Outdoor Promotion: The magic of social contacts can be maintained with small adjustments.

Lounge Promotion

We have developed a transparent lounge concept for Lounge Promotion.

Digital Promotion

Digital Promotion: VFrom video consulting to digital product tastings and micro-influencing.

Postal Mail Promotion

We carry out Postwurf-Promotion, one of the most classic promotion campaigns, for you.

How does a promotion after Corona work?

All our promoters are briefed in online training courses by our employees about health instructions regarding hygiene, distance, etc. This training is required before any promotional activity. A general online briefing on health issues will also be available online for the promoters to refresh at any time. Promoters with cold symptoms will go in quarantine and if wanted promoters are tested before they start to go into action.

All promotion campaigns will be adapted by us as the current danger situation allows. This means, for example, that we will use displays with safety instructions and where necessary, Plexiglas panels. When implementing promotional campaigns, we will also use our digital experience, so that we can realize as much as possible digital, for example, the electronic collection of leads instead of distributing paper forms.

As usual, all customers will have a personal contact person who is now informed about our special Corona pro-cedere.  We as an agency are 24/7 available for any kind of questions for our customers.


Planning today for tomorrow

Take advantage of these days before the big rush starts and plan now for the time where business will become a routine again. We have ready-made concepts for you. Contact us at any time, we will be happy to advise you.


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