A university is a place where there is always something going on. People from different cities come together here. Future doctors and lawyers are trained, there are very creative people and also students who are always on the hunt for something new. If this is not the optimal place for a doctorate, what is?

Uni promotion

One of the most important target groups for many companies are students. Students are often very open-minded towards new products. At the same time, they are not optimally positioned monetarily. For these reasons, they are always on the lookout for good offers. A promotion can draw attention to precisely these offers.

Philosophy &

At PRO-VOGUE, we are aware of the influence that location has on the success of a promotion. We know exactly where the optimal target groups are to be found and how people should be addressed. Our philosophy is to focus on success right from the start and we show this in our concepts. Together with you, we develop these piece by piece.

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PRO-VOGUE created a promotion concept for Beat81 to optimise lead generation from new members during workouts in several cities.

FAQ Uni promotion

Which registrations are necessary?
Even with a university doctorate, it is important that you talk to the responsible persons and clarify whether you are allowed to do the doctorate. We take care of that. We fill out the necessary applications and also discuss which dates are well suited. We know who the right contact persons are and what has to be observed legally.
Do I need giveaways?
In fact, we can recommend that you plan for one or two free additions to the promotion. Many students like to test what is offered to them. They are open-minded, but mere words are often not convincing. If you give them some testers, it is more likely that your product will become better known.
Can the uni promotion be carried out in any city?
Here, of course, it depends on whether the university is suitable for a doctorate and whether there is a university in the city at all. PRO-VOGUE is active throughout Germany. So we are certainly in a position to become active for you in different cities.
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PRO-VOGUE – Your promotion agency for uni promotion

Young people, a good atmosphere and an optimal target group – university promotion is one of the most popular forms of promotion and we at PRO-VOGUE can make it work for you. Simply get in touch with us directly for this.

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The advantages of a uni promotion

At various universities, you usually have the opportunity to do a promotion. There are different events here for which exhibitors and participants are still being sought. There is the refectory or also the forecourts. Therefore, it is good to find out what is going on and see what options are available.

You will reach a wide range of people here and thus also a great many potential new customers and perhaps even employees. Students are very open-minded and interested. They are also optimally networked and pass on positive experiences to family and friends. This is particularly important for a company.

Promoterinnen der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Tiger & Palmen

What do promoters bring to a uni promotion?

Students are open-minded, but they are also quite interested enough to ask numerous questions. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right promoters for your event or offer. What is needed are people with open communication who are not easily flustered. The promoters should be well versed in the products and be prepared to engage in discussion as well.

Our promoters prepare individually for each assignment. They deal with your products and tune in to the target group. This makes PRO-VOGUE an ideal contact and the best place to go to plan and implement a university promotion.