Would you like to take advantage of a promotion and also perhaps get some inspiration here and there? Then you have probably noticed that numerous companies set up their stands on the street. Street promotion has a long tradition and also many different names. It is a good choice to increase your visibility and generate new leads.

Street promotion

Busy areas in the city are the ideal basis for a successful promotion. Here you have the opportunity to make your services or your products even more visible with a street promotion. From the shopping street to the area in front of events, everything is possible with this form.

Philosophy &

PRO-VOGUE stands for high-quality promotion. We have been active on the market for more than 29 years and have successfully implemented a good 15,000 projects over that time. Our philosophy is based on the claim to work out the best promotion for each of our clients. Our concept is called: good vibes only. We know that especially a street promotion makes high demands on the implementation and also on the accessibility of the interested parties and the target group.

Your advantages

24/7 Project-
We enable 24/7 project management. This means that we are always available.
~ 100 % satisfied customers
Our customer surveys show a rate of around 100% satisfied customers.
We bring experience from 29 years of work and more than 15,000 projects.

Only 3 steps to successful street promotion

Your request is simply done through the website - within a short time you will have a feedback.
We create your concept and discuss everything with you - you are always informed.
The implementation is carried out according to your wishes - also with regard to the time frame.

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For our client reco ideas PRO-VOGUE developed an optimal street promotion for Kieser Training.

FAQ Street promotion

What are the advantages of street promotion?
The main advantage of a street promotion is that it can hide just about anything. It is a marketing activity that is carried out on busy streets. We can find a place for you in shopping streets, at street festivals or simply in popular places. How the promotion is then implemented, we will work out together with you.
What permits are necessary?
A promotion on the public road is generally subject to approval. In the bureaucratic framework, there are different aspects that must be considered. We take care of these aspects for you. We obtain all necessary permits.
What do I need for a budget?
When it comes to the pricing framework, there are very different setups. As the client, you naturally specify the budget. We can then tell you what options we have for implementing a street promotion and to what extent your wishes can be realized. This is individually different.
Street Promotion der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für SWLB

PRO-VOGUE – Your agency for street promotion

Success is important to us – for our clients. We have been passionately active in the promotion industry for more than 29 years and therefore have a truly extensive wealth of experience. As a partner at your side, we do everything we can to implement a street promotion that suits you. Our focus is on lasting success. Because with a good promotion, your offers do not just remain in people’s memories for a short time. Instead, we awaken needs and perhaps even win new regular customers.

Promoterinnen und Promoter bei Flyerverteilung für SSB

What is important in a street promotion?

Street promotion needs some preparation and a good concept. Keep in mind that you can reach your target group very well on the streets. However, people also need to be picked up very sensitively here. It is important to see what the mood is like, if there is time pressure and how to make each individual happy. So a street promotion is a really sensitive thing. It is therefore all the more important that you have a successful team at your side.

Street Promotion der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Beat

Our promoters are real experts

How your products or company will be received by people during a street promotion depends quite a lot on the promoters. They are one of the most important parts in such marketing activities. Good promoters spread a lot of positive esprit. They are proactive, approach people directly, get into conversation and can also answer questions. For us, training our promoters is therefore especially important. Our employees at Street Promotion stand behind your products and your company. In this way, they increase your visibility and awaken needs.

Promoterinnen der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Agentur reco ideas für Kieser Training

More visibility and higher sales through street promotion

A casual environment, a nice conversation and a good presentation of the products – what more do you really want when it comes to getting to know a company? Street promotion can become a really valuable action in marketing for your company. However, for this to happen, it is important that you approach it correctly. This already starts with the planning. Which products do you want to present? How can you arouse the interest of potential customers? Especially promotions, such as discounts or coupons, are well received and are particularly successful in a street promotion.