You want to sell your brand better? Boost the sale of products, launch new products on the market or sell your service better? We are at your side as a sales promotion agency and together we design concepts with impact.

Sales promotion – individual, effective and market-specific

Reach both the loyal and new customers with the right sales promotion and professional brand ambassadors. As a professional sales promotion agency, we will show you what options are available to you. An original and effective sales promotion not only drives sales itself, but also promotes awareness of your brand to firmly establish itself in the respective market.

Through targeted sales promotions, it is possible to effectively reach the consumer or target audience. We look at the various products, analyze the target groups and then discuss the various options with our clients. With the right strategy, we have helped numerous clients in the past to boost sales.

Philosophy &

More than 29 years of experience have shown that there are many measures to reach the consumer. Our goal is to make you better known as a brand and to sell your products in a targeted way.

Your advantages

24/7 Project-
You can reach us 24/7, around the clock. We are in contact with you and our promoters and can act flexibly for you at any time. Suggestions and wishes are possible at any time
~ 100% satisfied customers
After each action in our 29 years, we consult with our customers to question and constantly optimize our services for you. So we can look back on many satisfied regular customers.
We have supported many companies from all industries with sales promotion campaigns. We have successfully implemented more than 15,000 projects so far and could thus gather a wealth of experience from which you can also benefit.

Only 3 steps to a successful sales promotion

We ask our customers about their products, goals and wishes, which should be taken into account in the sales promotion.
We create a briefing based on your request and initial discussions, which we review with the client to design a campaign that will ultimately be implemented.
In the implementation we orientate ourselves very closely to your specifications, only if we understand you 100% can we implement the 100% suitable promotion action for you.

Customers who already benefit from our sales promotion

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Sales promotion

Naturally beautiful!

True to this motto, PRO-VOGUE conceptualized for our client Birkenstock COSMETICS a POS promotion of the extra class….

FAQ Sales promotion

What does Sales Promotion mean?
The English word sales promotion means sales promotion. This term is used to describe measures to increase sales, which are undertaken to increase sales figures in retail, among other things.
How exactly do you define a sales promotion?
The definition is very simple. Sales promotion is defined as all marketing measures aimed at increasing the sales results of a company, this could be implemented, among other things, through retail-based promotion actions at the point of sale. Trained promoters explain products and promote sales through a skillful sales strategy. The special thing about this is the direct contact with the target group, which is not possible with any other advertising measure as it is with a sales promotion.
What are sales promotion measures?
Sales promotion measures include all sales promotion campaigns and measures that increase product sales and thus indirectly increase sales and are not considered advertising. These are primarily used at the point of sale.
What does a sales promotion agency do?
A sales promotion agency designs targeted sales promotion measures, which are then carried out by promoters over a certain period of time in order to increase sales or awareness of a product. A good sales promotion agency not only takes care of the implementation of the actions, e.g. in retail, but also advises the customer in advance to understand the marketing strategy of the customer and to design the appropriate sales promotion measure.
Why is sales promotion important?
Through sales promotion, agencies want to provide potential customers with an incentive to purchase or buy the respective product or service. In this way, the sales volume is increased over a defined period of time. What are the specific sticking points here, when is a promotion successful: - The briefing of the agency must be super, also here we build on it to deal independently with the characteristics of the customer as well as its products and naturally we look for then still the discussion with the customer around us over the goals to exchange. - If the POS for the sales promotion has been selected as the campaign location, we tune in to the special features on site, who is the contact person, what is important on site and what leads to success especially at this POS, i.e. we illuminate the success factors at the POS? - With our know-how of 29 years of sales promotion and of course the goals of the customer we select together with the customer the promotion equipment, booth, product samples and flyers, that could be the suitable booth, the CI-conform promotion clothing and last but not least the coordinated conversation guide of the promoter, which makes the sales promotion at the consumer a success and a successful sales promotion.
What is a Sales Promoter?
Through the promoter or promoter, the sale of services and products is boosted, which is also called sales promotion in common parlance. There are various possibilities, such as raffle promotions, tastings, events. The implementation is mostly done in retail.
When is the sales promotion worthwhile?
A sales promotion is always worthwhile when a company wants to boost sales of a service or product, both for new products coming onto the market and for products that are already well-known.
What are the techniques of sales promotion?
There are different forms of sales promotion, e.g. trade promotion, consumer promotion and sales force promotion. Which strategy is most efficient is determined by the goal, product and target group.
What could a sales promotion in retail look like?
We focus on sales promotion, which is aimed at the consumer. As a rule, sales promotion takes place at the POS (point of sale), i.e. directly at the place where the goods are sold and the consumer meets them. In our concept, which we have worked out with the customer, we first address the question of what exactly the objective of the promotion is. If it is about the increase of the sales, the products and services are explained mostly at a promotion stand. The customer has the opportunity to test or even "taste" them. This unique moment, when the customer stands directly in front of a sales promoter and can learn about the advantages of the product, exists as such a marketing tool only once. A direct customer contact can usually always be realized to a lead, i.e. to a sales conclusion.
Promoterin der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für Foreo

PRO-VOGUE – Your sales promotion agency

We now look back on many years of experience in the field of sales promotion and can say that there is nothing that we have not yet implemented for our customers in terms of sales promotion. In the process, we have successfully completed more than 15,000 projects and are proud to work with many exciting companies.

Promoterinnen der Promotionangetur PRO-VOGUE für beat81

We make your cause ours!

With every sales promotion booked, we are on the lookout for new, fresh, effective and consumer-focused sales promotions. This is how we create campaigns that work.

In the end it is always about one goal – to sell and to improve the image. Sales and turnover are increased and that with various measures.

Or how about in a supermarket? The supermarket is the best place to test new products. Drinks and snacks are at the top of the list here. A small taste and needs can be awakened. Outlets, shopping malls, festivals and events – the list of suitable places is long and we can help you find them.

Salespromotion bei Diesel

What are the quality criteria of an agency that lead to more leads

  • Training of promoters online or together face-to-face with the customer
  • Check of promoters
  • Distribution of commissions
  • Continuous analysis of the promotion by PRO-VOGUE and discussions with the client based on this analysis
  • Reporting and analysis of the resultsThis does not only include the presentation on the spot. Nowadays, the possibility of promotion on the Internet should not be underestimated, here the individual products are presented online by the promoters.  This includes the product itself in its application, price, content and all other details. Of course, always within the possibilities for our promoters. Here, too, the goal is to reach as many end consumers as possible and win them over as customers. Here, too, the success rate of our employees is impressive.
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Leave the details to us and enjoy the success!

In the field of sales promotion, there are many possibilities that we can use as a sales promotion agency. Among other things, retail is a popular instrument.

While the measures of sales promotion were still very manageable a few years ago, there are hardly any limits to the imagination today. Especially the age of the internet has brought numerous possibilities to increase sales and has changed the communication policy significantly.

Examples of successful sales promotion campaigns

We like to look back on the more than 15,000 projects in the last 29 years and still get inspiration today. We work for large companies such as Douglas or Adidas, but also the smaller manufacturers and companies inspire us again and again with great products, interesting brands and incredibly exciting ideas.

We offer various sales promotion activities, distribute product samples and make use of various procurement options with which we can achieve a significant boost in sales. We look forward to designing and implementing your marketing measures as successful sales promotions for consumers. Ask us at any time without obligation.