As with live shopping, live consulting continues to grow in popularity and has seen significant growth, especially in the era of Corona. No wonder, because here customers are advised directly on specific products or services, can ask questions and have contact with our trained and experienced staff. We are happy to take you by the hand, create an individual concept and offer efficient solutions.

Live consulting with PRO-VOGUE

At last, spatial separation no longer poses any problems in the age of digitization. Quite the opposite. This offers you even more opportunities and possibilities. With us, you get the opportunity to pick up customers directly in the live consultation. We at PRO-VOGUE work with experienced promoters, who offer your customers the desired advice on your products and services and help you with this special marketing to be successful and increase your sales.

Philosophy &

We are aware that nowadays it is even more important to stand out positively from other companies. With live consulting, you show competence, proximity and create trust with your customers.

Only 3 steps to successful live consulting

You are welcome to submit your individual inquiry via our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
After we have talked about your wishes and goals, we will create an individual concept for you for live consultation.
You like the concept? Then sit back, relax and let us put the live consultation into action.

FAQ Live consulting

What is done during a live consultation?
With live consulting, your customers are given live advice on products, services, etc. via the Internet by our promoters. They can ask questions and get a feel for the respective products, so that their interest in buying is aroused. The live consultation can be carried out with any end device. Customers who do not want to be transmitted live with images can also carry out a one-sided video transmission, so that only our promoters can be seen.
For whom is live consulting suitable?
Live consulting is interesting for companies that want to launch a new brand on the market or want to make products better known or sell services. LIVE consulting works worldwide and reaches different target groups.
What does a live consultation cost?
The costs for live consulting are very different and depend on various factors. For example, the time frame, the desired number of employees, which should be used for this and also the times of day itself. Please send us an inquiry and we will provide you with an individual offer for your personal live consultation.
Live Beratung der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE

Live consulting in the performance

Safe, efficient and modern, live consulting scores directly with many advantages, so it’s hardly a wonder that it’s a promotion that goes down particularly well with customers. We will gladly take you by the hand, create an individual concept and bring in competent and experienced employees who will carry out the live consultation professionally.

With live consulting, customers are advised via video chat about a specific product, a brand including a product line or various services and do not have to leave the house for this. An advantage, which one appreciates above all in the today’s time.

Through live consulting, you show yourself as a modern and competent company that appreciates the proximity to the customer. The live consultation works with all end devices and can be carried out and also accessed with the smartphone as well as via tablet, laptop or on the PC. In addition, it works without registration, so that customers have nothing to fear in this area either and are more likely to engage in live consulting with our promoters or influencers.

Live Beratung der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE

The advantages of live consulting

A live consultation brings numerous advantages with it, which can be seen quite clearly. Customer-oriented advice on different products or services not only makes them better known. Customers quickly feel valued and also get a feel for the product. Live consulting is often combined with the popular live shopping, so that questions can be asked after the product presentation.

Live consulting can also be carried out at any time of day and can even be booked by customers. In addition, professional live advice on products arouses the viewer’s interest in buying, which significantly increases your sales.