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Glamour meets PRO-VOGUE.
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Founded in 1909 by Condé Montrose Nast in the U.S., Condé Nast is now home to numerous influential media brands including VOGUE, Vanity Fair, GLAMOUR, GQ, The New Yorker and WIRED.
Image promotion
POS promotion
Product presentations / advice
Sales promotion (with and without commission)
Sampling promotion (flyers, give-aways, product samples, etc.)
Sweepstakes/address generation
Media (television / publishers / radio)
Trade (general)


For Condé Nast and its brand Glamour, PRO-VOGUE developed a promotion concept for the “Glamour Shopping Week”.

Thanks to more than 27 years of experience as a promotion agency, a pool of “glamorous” promoters could be built up within a very short time.

Throughout Germany, more than 80 shopping centers with up to 2 promoters became colorful and modern experience locations with the brand Glamour and the associated Glamour Shopping Week.

In addition to the pure promotion of the Glamour Shopping Week, Glamour as a magazine was also sold on site.

The eye-catching stand and the colorful ambience brought some curious looks and quite a few interested visitors to the stand and made the campaign a complete success.




Einkaufszentrum Promotion der Promotionagentur PRO-VOGUE für GLAMOUR

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