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Lancome · Zum Goldenen Hirschen


The Lancôme employees were very much in focus in spring 2018. Together with the agency “zum golden Hirschen – zerotwonine” we have set up a team of 12 attractive male promoters who not only entertain the guests but also sweeten the evening with their good looks and charming smiles. Equipped with a veal tray the good-looking promoters were handing out give-aways and were ready to take photos in front of the Lancôme advertising wall.

In the cities of frankfurt, düsseldorf, stuttgart, munich and berlin our promotion staff heated up the party guests and ensured an exuberant atmosphere. Many cities also means that many promoters are working at the same time. PRO-VOGUE was not only available for the customer but also for the promotion staff 24/7 and was able to manage everything from the office in frankfurt so that the promotion campaign went well for all sides.