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Jaguar at the IAA

With our customer Jaguar and Land Rover we carried out all trade fairs, events, PR events and dealer events throughout Germany from 2011-2016. At the IAA alone, action personnel were deployed in the areas of VIP lounge, car explainer, models, info counter, merchandising, promotion, off-road experience, security and concierge.

The team was selected from hundreds of applicants in a three-stage selection process then in the long term emotionally tied to the brand through various measures. The outfits were entirely produced by us and tailored to the team. The richness of detail went from dress to shoes to identical accessories, tights and hair ties.

In addition to the planning and implementation of the trade fairs, events and events, we were also responsible for the conception and implementation of the training including location, travel management, overnight management and the creation of the process and the training content. The two-day training included a day of communication training and a day of technology and vehicle training. Online courses had to be completed in advance as preparation for the face-to-face training.