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Droemer Knaur.

Our regular customer Droemer Knaur always develops great new ideas for the presentation of a new book with PRO-VOGUE.

It is always exciting how imaginative a book promotion can be. For the presentation of Keim Daheim which deals with our invisible microbial roommates we not only created the design of the bacteria costume but rather from the promotional concept to the implementation everything organized. Our promoter then hatched in “The Bacteria” and went out to people at huge german train stations. After all we wanted to show that bacterium is always with us and accompany us in everyday life.

As a goodie visitors were able to get a picture of the bacterium and with a little luck win a robot vacuum cleaner. As a major headliner our customer Droemer Knaur was able to win Sebastian Fitzek as the author of a reading at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017. Fitzek presented his new book Flugangst 7A there the flow of visitors was endless and the queues for meet & greet grew longer and longer.

How good that our hardworking aircraft crew was on site and kept the waiting crowd happy with refreshing drinks.