Cross-border e-commerce in China

It is important for entrepreneurs to be prepared to tread new paths. These paths may also cross borders - at least symbolically. This is where cross border e-commerce comes in. It is the idea of going online with one's own online store in other countries, including China.

Cross-border e-commerce China

How often have you ordered online from abroad? When you use a search engine to find a product, how often have you ended up at an international retailer? In fact, online commerce makes it even easier to enter whole new markets, and they don’t just have to be in Europe. You have the possibility to bring your products as far as China.

Crossing borders – online trade abroad

It has never been so easy to quickly become known with your own company and to make high sales. All you really need are good products and the right sales market. The fact that this sales market does not have to be located exclusively in Germany is now increasingly well known. But how about going not only to Europe, but all the way to China?

Why China?

China is a country that is very extensively positioned in the field of technology and is even ahead of many other countries. Especially products from other countries are very popular in China. For example, products from Germany are considered to be very high quality and innovative, and still stand for excellent quality. Therefore, your chances of gaining a foothold in the Chinese market are particularly high – especially with an experienced partner like PRO-VOGUE at your side.

Philosophy &

We look back on more than 28 years of experience in marketing and promotion and use our knowledge to bring our customers further ahead. This also applies to online trade. Today, the Internet allows you to take completely new measures to reach your target group and even expand it. Our philosophy is to bring your brand forward sustainably and to increase sales permanently.

You advantages

24/7 Project-
Sales do not sleep - therefore we are also there for you around the clock.
~ 100 % satisfied customers
About 100 % of our customers are satisfied with our work - become one of them.
We use all our know-how for the success of your products and services.

Only 3 steps to successful e-commerce trade in China

The products are sold through social media platforms in China, including WeChat. A website will be created in the WeChat Mini program. Together with our partners we take care of the billing as well as the logistics of the goods to China. Chinese, who live in Germany, we reach of course also. The special thing is that a company does not have to be founded in China.
Take a direct approach to opening new stores and submit an inquiry right away.
Work hand in hand with us to create the right concept for your grand entrance in China.
We carry out the implementation immediately and thus bring you quickly to the front.

FAQ Cross-border e-commerce China

Who is cross border e-commerce in China suitable for?
China is a big market where all products are welcome. However, some buyers here also have high demands and it is important that their products can meet them. Do you offer quality and individuality? Then cross border e-commerce is the right way for you.
What effort is involved?
We have an extensive network of experts at hand and for this very reason you have hardly any effort if you decide to test new markets. Within a short period of time we will bring your online store to China as well.
How about the costs?
We know that the budget of a company is often very tightly measured. That's why we make sure that the concept fits you and compose it transparently. Since we attach importance to an individual concept, we can discuss the costs together.
E-Commerce Crossboarder China

PRO-VOGUE – Your agency for cross border e-commerce in China

PRO-VOGUE has been active in the market for more than 28 years and has implemented over 15,000 projects. We have witnessed an extensive development of marketing and gained a lot of experience. We are always open to new things, are always on the lookout for the trends for our customers and are therefore also the optimal contact for cross border e-commerce.

Gewinnspiel Promotion - zwei Promoter der Agentur PRO-VOGUE bei einer Gewinnspiel Promotion im MyZeil

The right marketing for cross border e-commerce in China

Good support right from the start – it is important to us that you can get started right away with cross border e-commerce. But it’s not enough just to open the borders for your online store. It is just as important to get started with the right marketing. Here, too, we know our stuff. We know exactly what options are available, how to create a special shopping experience for your customers, and how to quickly increase your visibility.