About Nina Gurk

Holistic Strategies

Nina Gurk is the visionary and strategist who shapes and drives PRO-VOGUE. Together with her team, she sensitively conceives customer projects and turns them into reality. As managing director, Nina Gurk founded the promotion agency PRO-VOGUE together with Abbas Sadegh in 1993. Since then she has pursued a holistic approach with her agency, which has already been implemented in 15,000 projects.

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On the point – the skills

The managing director, who is always interested, identifies innovative and strategic developments. Her cross-linked thinking helps her to create unusual connections for her clients, to create concepts and to pave the way for customers. In this manner the vision of her customers can become reality. Nina Gurk’s curiosity drives her to always learn something new. She understands this process as part of her life. Nina is a creative person, who deems planning security as important as a real partnership with her customers.

Interests and knowledge

Because of her many private and business interests, Nina has built up a vast experience that helps her to be particularly flexible and sensitive to what her clients need. Nina considers openness to new ideas and to other people and cultures as extremely important. This is how Nina has been able to truly experience foreign cultures in China and Dubai several times. Her knowledge is based not only on her own experience but also on her studies in Business Administration and a Master in Financing.
As a consultant, Nina is happy to be able to support others, both large and small. Among other things, she helps young start-ups set up their businesses. In addition to the holistic approach, meditative and nutrition-based coaching – based on Chinese medicine – is often helpful for the founders in stressful and busy start-up phases. Being thought through and calm, can pave the way to the goal.

Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Inspired by previous experiences, the Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired Nina’s enthusiasm to help people in their private lives, and to round-up her work. Accordingly, she dedicated herself to the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.
In addition to managing her promotion agency and to consulting companies, Nina brings harmony into the lives of many people, based on the concept of Chinese medicine – which is life care. Only when body, mind and soul are in harmony a person can experience a healthy life. The cornerstones of her work are consulting on life care in private and professional life, lifestyle, acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation and exercises with Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Kung Fu.