from Nina Gurk

Interview with promoter Verena at an promotion event during the Corona time

For our client Plasmavita, we carried out several promotional campaigns in the parking garage of the Nordwestzentrum in Frankfurt. For the implementation during the Corona period, precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the target group and the promoters.

This was reason enough to ask our promoter on site about her experiences.

What is your name and what do you do?

I am Verena. We make the guests aware of Plasmavita. We’re trying to bring the brand to the customers. So that the clients have heard of Plasmavita, and we make them aware of the possibility of a plasma donation.

So how are you guys doing this here with Corona?

It’s not really a problem with Corona. We work with face masks and we can disinfect our hands all the time. We keep a safety distance. And we don’t come into close contact with the customers. So they can feel safe, too. We are just happy that we can go back to work and that we do no longer have to sit at home during the lockdown.

What is your advice to other companies?

I would definitely advise them to do the same thing as Plasmavita is doing now, for example, to do promotions again, and to get back to the customer. I think that especially now, interaction with people – even at a distance – is extremely important.

Okay, I’m glad about that. Thanks for the interview.

Below you will find the recorded interview (in German).