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Areas of Service

We provide as a full-service promotion agency a wide range promotion activities for your promotions, exhibitions and events.

Nationwide more than 10.000 Qualified and Motivated Personnel for Several Aeras of Service:

  • Promoter (i.e. Sampling, P.O.S), Sales Promoter, Sales / Field Force
  • Supervisor / Teamleader
  • Model
  • Chief Host/ess
  • Host/ess (Event/Service/Kitchen/Information Counter), Trade Fair Host/ess & VIP-Host/ess
  • Presenter
  • Performance Artists, Promoter for Animation (i.e. Walking Act),
  • Actor, People (i.e. for Openings, Partys and Events etc.)
  • Security Staff, Driver
  • Visagists (Make Up Artists), Stylists
  • Photographer
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Translator / Interpreter
  • People