Staff for Promotion, Events & Exhibitions

As a full-service promotionagency we provide comprehensive personnel for your promotion-, exhibition and eventprojects from planning, casting, selection, disposition and booking, outfit, make-up & styling, training and motivation to supervising and settlement.

Nationwide more than 10.000 qualifiied & motivated personnel (promotor, hostess, presenter, etc.) for several types of action can be called up according to:

  • Qualifications: Education, Occupation, Foreign Languages
  • Special Skills and Knowledge: Sports Activities, Musical Instruments, EDP, Dance and Ballet, Prior Action Experience
  • Type and Lifestyle : Classic/Traditional, Elegant, Fashionable, Trendy, Intellectual, Sporty, Brand-Conscious, Ecologically-Minded, Multi-Cultural, Temperamental, The In-Scene, Colorful, Shrill, etc.
  • Visual Features: Height and Measurements, Clothing Size, Hair Color, Eye Color
  • Ethical Characteristics: Mother Tongue and Culture Group

Handling & Controlling

Strategy and management of promotion actions and events with staff incl.:

  • Staff Planning, Selection, Disposition and Booking, Training
  • Preparing all the Necessary Training Material
  • Trouble-Shooting 24/7 and Providing Stand-By Personnel
  • Proof of Work Records, Supervising & Controls
  • Liability & Accident Insurance
  • Central Settlement of Accounts

Action Outfit & Equipment:

A complete line of action outfits and equipment service to purchase or rent

Make-up & Styling Service:

full range of make-up and styling services for your high end projects.